Sewing Training for Women in Sana’a


We have started a sewing training for about 10 vulnerable women in Sana'a that we selected from the beneficiaries of our charity restaurants in the Musyak neighborhood, called Khair restaurants. The training takes place in the afternoon at our office in Sana'a and is led by an experienced Yemeni seamstress who volunteers for Y30. She

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The School Bags Project


The school bags project consists in providing good quality school bags containing pens, books and notebooks to the children of Sana'a benefiting from our "Khair Restaurants". This new project is part of our more general approach that aims to encourage children and improve their access to education.   Some figures: 2020: 200 bags distributed to 200

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The Al Ayan School


The Al Ayan School was built in 1999 in the Shapim mountain by the President of Y30 and with the villagers' help. The school originally had one teacher, with a class of 10 boys and 15 girls. Today, these children have become adults and know how to read and write. Their lives have changed thanks

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Literacy classes for women in Haraz


As the crisis in Yemen enters its sixth year, the education sector and its infrastructure has been heavily impacted by the current crisis. According to UNICEF, access to education in Yemen today is catastrophic. Schools, institutes and other education-related infrastructure have been destroyed. Resources and school materials are in short supply due to the crisis,

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