The Kahil Basin


This small water basin was built in 2014 before the beginning of the conflict. Unfortunately, due to the lack of means, the work has not been completed properly. The basin is leaking : each time the villagers try to fill it, the water completely disappears the following week. The Kahil basin is crucial for the

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The Basins of Hope


Irrigated agriculture is the primary source of food, employment and economic activity in Yemen. However, water scarcity, poor management capacities of water resources, inadequate maintenance due to conflict, limited social cohesion among water users and weak governance – compounded by natural disasters – caused the most significant constraints to agricultural production. This project thus aims

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Construction of individual water basins


Y30 is helping local farmers living in several villages in the Haraz Valley to build small 125 sq.m to support their business of growing fruit trees. Y30 has provided bricks, cement and labour to build the pond which will provide the fresh water supply needed to expand their production and reforest the farmland in Haraz.

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