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Al-khaira Restaurant


Y30 is financing two charity restaurants called Alkhaira Restaurants to fight against poverty, famine, and food insecurity. In 2018, residents of Musik, one of the most densely populated areas in the center of the capital Sana'a, took the initiative to create a restaurant to offer food to those in need. The realization of this project

Al-khaira Restaurant2023-09-24T07:59:13+00:00

Distributing Seedlings


Y30 Provides Seedlings to Farmers and Citizens to Promote Food Self-Sufficiency and Poverty Eradication To promote food self-sufficiency and poverty eradication, Y30 distributes coffee, tomato, and paper seedlings to farmers and citizens in various regions of Yemen.   This work was generously supported by private donations.

Distributing Seedlings2023-11-14T06:27:15+00:00

Home farming training program


An agriculture engineer explained the importance of home gardening to achieve self-sufficiency and provided agricultural information to students. Agricultural brochures were also distributed to students because of their important role in building awareness among students and the community. Home farming is a critical development project that can help to alleviate the suffering of society. Students

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Support for a local centre for children with disabilities in Sanaa


Children with disabilities is one of the most vulnerable and socially excluded groups in Yemen. Both mainstream and special needs education and therapy services for children with disabilities were scarcely available even before the civil war, but now they are almost non-existent. Barriers include destroyed service facilities, the absence of suitable services, remoteness, stigma, discrimination

Support for a local centre for children with disabilities in Sanaa2022-08-30T19:53:53+00:00

Planting tomatoes in our Nurseries of Hope


Five weeks ago, we managed to plant 27'000 tomato trees in our "Nursery of Hope" in Dhamar. Thanks to the generous contribution of the Municipality, that has been supporting us for years, this recent result could have been achieved! In 2 weeks Y30D, our sister organization on the ground, will be able to harvest the

Planting tomatoes in our Nurseries of Hope2022-08-25T11:31:06+00:00

Basin of Hope #2 and Basin of Kahil refilled after rainfall


Dear followers, In the first video, you can see "Basin of Hope #2" in Al Lakamah village, located 250 km southwest of Sana'a. When filled to capacity, it can hold up to 600,000 litres, providing a year's supply of water for domestic and agricultural use for the plants and residents of the 6 surrounding villages. Thanks

Basin of Hope #2 and Basin of Kahil refilled after rainfall2022-08-25T11:26:03+00:00

School Bag project


As a non-governmental organization that advocates for the right to education for all, Y30 firmly believes that the new generation will be the ones to build the country. Fathi Khaled, the president and founder of Y30, started an initiative called the "School Bag Project" and reached out to his private contacts. Through this, he managed

School Bag project2022-08-25T11:19:30+00:00

Planting new trees after rainfall


Two weeks ago, Y30D, our sister organization on the ground, set out to meet the villagers of Haraz. For an entire week, our members traveled from the " Nurseries of Hope" to pack coffee onto our pick-up truck and headed to the valley of Haraz to distribute 5,000 plants to various farmers. As mentioned earlier,

Planting new trees after rainfall2022-08-25T10:58:21+00:00

Rain in mountainous regions of Yemen


In recent weeks, Yemen has been blessed with rain. Not only in the low regions, but also in the mountainous regions where coffee is grown! This has had a huge impact on the people of Yemen, especially those who live in higher regions like Haraz, as it has not rained there for many months. The

Rain in mountainous regions of Yemen2022-08-25T11:21:58+00:00

Distribution of coffee after massive rainfall


Two days ago, on the 7/27/2022, Y30D, our local members, distributed 2000 coffee trees from our nurseries to Charqa village! The plants were transported from our nurseries to the village in question. It has been raining in various lower altitude regions of Yemen, and so various farmers have decided to plant new trees. The 2'000

Distribution of coffee after massive rainfall2022-08-25T10:32:29+00:00
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