Basin of Hope #2 and Basin of Kahil refilled after rainfall

Published : August 16, 2022

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In the first video, you can see “Basin of Hope #2” in Al Lakamah village, located 250 km southwest of Sana’a. When filled to capacity, it can hold up to 600,000 litres, providing a year’s supply of water for domestic and agricultural use for the plants and residents of the 6 surrounding villages. Thanks to rainfall, the basin is now filled to the middle, which means it can hold almost 300,000 litres and provide half a year’s supply for villagers and farmers.

In the second video you can see “Basin of Kahil” in the village of Kahil which is located near the Haraz Valley. The basin is filled to the maximum with rainfall and will be able to store 2’300 litres of water. This means that the inhabitants of this village will be able to use the water for various purposes in the coming months.

These rainwater basins are very important for the local population, as they contribute to food security, poverty reduction and improving the living conditions of the population. Y30D, our sister organisation on the ground, is currently building the third and largest basin in Manakh district. It will provide water to the 8 surrounding villages in Manakh district, namely Aldubur, Amaqah, Bet Alarjazi, Bet Alameer, Alsardi, Alhayfah, Qardh and Halah and will have a storage capacity of 1,200,000 litres.

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