Children in Yemen thanking Swiss donors

Published : July 22, 2022

Finally !

For weeks we have been preparing a way to communicate our gratitude to our Swiss donors. People from various cantons, Zug, Zurich, Aargau, Geneva, Bern have been willing to support our cause! The children in the video are thanking the team in Switzerland, saying “Shukran Y30” since we have provided them with the funds. However, all thanks are due to each and every one of the 144 Swiss donors who helped us reach this goal!

Thanks to your generous support we have not only been able to plant 300 trees as the sign shows but 500 thanks to the drizzle rain! The second video shows a farmer that has planted a few new coffee trees hoping that they will survive.

As we showed you two weeks ago, we have also been able to encourage local farmers to build their personal little water basins. We have already built 3 but we aim for 15 in the future so that numerous farmers can face future droughts.

Of course, we will be keeping you up to date and informing you about news on the ground.
Yours sincerely,

Y30 Team