Distribution of coffee after massive rainfall

Published : July 29, 2022

Two days ago, on the 7/27/2022, Y30D, our local members, distributed 2000 coffee trees from our nurseries to Charqa village! The plants were transported from our nurseries to the village in question. It has been raining in various lower altitude regions of Yemen, and so various farmers have decided to plant new trees. The 2’000 distributed plants have been in our nurseries since March 2021, and thus are ready for planting in the fresh air.

For today, Y30D has chosen the women of one of our sewing classes. Theae women have been incited and motivated in the beginning of the year to dig 40-50 holes on their property. Since they followed our recommendations, Y30D has been ready to offer them coffee plants. This will directly benefit 40 families. We hope that these plants will bring a lot of coffee to the families and help them to become independent.

Thank you very much for your support,

Yours sincerely,

Y30 team