Literacy classes for women in Haraz

Published : January 16, 2024

As the crisis in Yemen enters its sixth year, the education sector and its infrastructure have been heavily impacted by the current crisis.

According to UNICEF, access to education in Yemen today is catastrophic. Schools, institutes and other education-related infrastructure have been destroyed. Resources and school materials are in short supply due to the crisis, and qualified teachers have either left the country or have not received any salary for 6 years.

In rural areas, where access to education was already difficult due to the distance between villages and schools and the lack of resources, the situation is even worse.

 But it is not just conflict that has kept women and girls out of school: many obstacles to education remain. Culturally, it is not considered that women need to be educated, nor do they need to continue their education. 

The project thus aims to continue the activity of the 25 classes dedicated to women and girls already set up by Y30 in 25 villages of the Haraz valley (Sana’a governorate).

Today, 23 teachers are working on a voluntary basis due to the lack of financial resources. Classes are held 3 hours a day, 5 days a week.

We have been able to provide school materials for each class, but we would therefore like to find the funding to pay a salary to all 25 teachers. 

Some figures:

  • 25 classrooms in 25 villages of the Haraz Valley
  • 1268 participants

In 2020, this project was supported by the Swiss commune of Plan-Les-Ouates and still today by private donations.