Project Eid Clothes

Published : April 28, 2022

Yemen has been in a state of protracted conflict since 2015. The country is facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. According to the United Nations, 24.1 million people, 80% of the population, are in need of humanitarian assistance. The population is living in alarming conditions

As in every other war, children are those that have to bear the consequences. In the past we managed to distribute school bags for 700 children (2020 and 2021) with the aim to encourage the children’s access to education. The result was heart-warming because the children had been immensely happy about these gifts.

With the upcoming Eid al-Fitr (Islamic holiday to celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan) on Monday, 2nd of May 2022, we intend to distribute new presents. Dressing a child for that day costs no more than 10 CHF/10 $! Any amount is welcome!
You may find our IBAN number on the flyer. Additionally, there is a TWINT link down below.

Thank you for your participation!