The Basins of Hope

Published : April 28, 2020

Irrigated agriculture is the primary source of food, employment and economic activity in Yemen.

However, water scarcity, poor management capacities of water resources, inadequate maintenance due to conflict, limited social cohesion among water users and weak governance – compounded by natural disasters – caused the most significant constraints to agricultural production. This project thus aims to improve the livelihoods of local farmers and communities in Manakh district, Yemen by rehabilitating their access to water from a rainwater tank. In addition, the project will support farmers and communities in setting up and running an agricultural business, which will contribute to their economic empowerment and will enhance their livelihoods.

These basins will also allow the Y30 association to carry out its other agricultural projects.


The Basin of Hope N°1, built in 2019, involved renovating and expanding the water reservoir in the village of Shebam, located in the Haraz Valley.

In August 2020, Y30 started the work of the Basin of Hope N° 2 in Al Lakamah. It provides water to the inhabitants of the 6 surrounding villages. The work, which was expected to last 9 months, was completed on January 31st 2021, 4 months ahead of schedule!

We are currently planning to construct the Basin of Hope N°3 in the village of Aldubur, which will benefit to 1484 people living in 8 different villages of the Manakha district.

Some figures:

  • 2 water basins 
  • Basin of Hope N°1
  • Basin of Hope N°2: 
    • 1 387 500 liters of water 
    • Benefiting 451 households of 6 villages: Al-Lakamah, Byt Almqld, Alkmh, Alsamy, Alhagrah and Alamir