The Kahil Basin

Published : May 3, 2020

This small water basin was built in 2014 before the beginning of the conflict. Unfortunately, due to limited resources, the work has not been completed properly.

The basin is leaking: each time villagers filled it, the water completely leaks out within the following weeks.

The Kahil basin is crucial for the survival of 1 500 people living in the surrounding villages, as the water is dedicated to both agricultural and domestic use. The village of Kahil is also holds strategic importance as one of the key tourist destinations in Yemen.

Furthermore, this basin is also an essential element in our fight against famine. It represents a significant step toward the development of the Yemeni agricultural sector and it will support the realisation of our other projects, such as the trees planting project and the nurseries!

Thanks to the support from the Swiss commune of Le Grand-Saconnex, we restored the basin from the beginning of September to the end of October 2020.