The Yemeni coffee is significantly different to almost any other coffee in the world. But what makes this coffee so special ?

Yemen is the oldest coffee growing country: the famous arabica beans appeared in South Sudan, but they were farmed for the first time in Yemen. It was also the first country to turn it into a drink. Thus, there is a significant heritage in Yemen and it is not uncommon to find farmers who have been growing coffee for seven generations!

Moreover, Yemeni coffee is well-known throughout the world, and has been for many centuries, for its interesting and unique taste much wilder, intense and earthy, as well as for its high quality. This can be explained by the fact that all farmers pick and dry their coffee themselves, without washing the berries (as water is precious in Yemen).

What we have seen lately is a renewed interest in coffee growing. Besides, the demand for coffee continues to rise sharply. Thus, coffee growing represents a great opportunity that can revive the Yemeni economic sector. It is also one of the most feasible options to help the local population in a sustainable and long-term way, by relying on a know-how acquired over centuries.