Al-khaira Restaurant


Y30 is financing two charity restaurants called Alkhaira Restaurants to fight against poverty, famine, and food insecurity. In 2018, residents of Musik, one of the most densely populated areas in the center of the capital Sana'a, took the initiative to create a restaurant to offer food to those in need. The realization of this project

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Our Charity Restaurants


  Yemenis have never suffered as much famine as they do now.  Yemen has been in a state of protracted conflict since 2015. The United Nations (UN) hasdeclared the last six years of the crisis as a system-wide Level 3 humanitarian emergency.Level 3 responses are activated in the most complex and challenging humanitarianemergencies, when the

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Access to drinking water in Sana’a


In 2017, Y30 decided to supply the water tank set up in Musayk, one of the most populated areas of Sana'a, just before the fighting broke out. The tank was never filled due to lack of resources and residents had no access to clean water, as the nearest tank is several neighbourhoods away. Since then,

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